Friday, May 24, 2013

Guess what I've been doing?

Holaaa!! My blog!
It's been ages since I wrote the last post (though nobody is reading) but anyway, I'm back!
Yeah, it feels good to be here again.
Its a place where I can truly convey my matters and feelings here and also bringing some news and update my my readers!

Well, I've been graduated from UTAR Foundation Studies this May, and my throughout my foundation life I've been going through a lot of things, as well as doing stuffs I've never been doing before!

The results for the past few sems were so far so good, I'm satisfied with it :D

I know I couldn't say soooo much of things I wanted to say but yeah, follow me on facebook and instagram and I'll get you updated !

Peace xoxo.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Short comeback.

Away from blogging after my university life had begun.
But well, this one isn't really my comeback either.
Just a short post. Having final examination next week.
I think I'll re-blog again after my finals~ Too many to say oh well~

Have a nice day okay?

Friday, May 25, 2012


Hi bloggie, it's been a while and I'm all here in Kampar now to start my university life.
Reached here on the 23rd, together with mom and dad, and I've totally had no idea what's gotta happen.

SO yeah, am living together with my besties ,Nicole, in a twin sharing room.
The room is not really big, but at least can fit us in a comfy way.
Just that, theres something still matters on our privacy.

And lately, something wrong with my stomach. I hadn't eat well these few days wtf.
And kept having the feeling to fart LOL. But couldnt la, my roommate is here.
I didnt eat properly for the basic 3 meals daily. I hope it's okay when the classes starts next week.

So, today went to uni with nicole. Took the bus in the morning and waited like hell seriously.
Then finally it came and we gone all the way to uni. Checked out to some places. And got our timetable.
TO my SHOCK, we weren't in the same group nor class wtf.
Hey, I thought we registered together so why does it happen like this?!!
But suan le ba, I've actually thought of going to university all by my own anyway.
Now at least theres nicole here to live with me, I'LL STAY STRONG.

Also, seriusly homesick for now. I REALLY WANNA GO HOMMEEE!!!!
But I cant, thought kampar to ipoh is just about 1 hour driving, nobody would fetch me... sigh...
I'm wondering what to do now... Did cried for a bit at night, I miss mom and dad and sis...
And now crying  tearing too.

Hope everything goes well.

Sunday, May 20, 2012


Hey people!
It's been almost two months since I've abandoned my bloggie, no biggie, I'm sort of busy here and there.
Just a short update of me here then.
Will be going to Kampar for UTAR registration. Oh gosh.

It's really coming now. Somehow I'm sorta nervous and all y'know.
So yeah. Off to bed now. See ya!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Mister Donuts ~ ♥

Whoootss!!! 2nd sis Emily bought home some donuts from Mr.Donuts!!
Aww~ Thanks so much!! :D

So yeah, seriously I don't know what's the name of all these donuts.
But every single of them were soooo yummy!!!
Thanks to the newly opened AEON @ Station 18 !!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

21.03.2012 Happiest Moment.

Today, it would be my most nerves-stretching day.

Oh gawd, frankly speaking, I've almost got no feeling of whats coming up today because I was too busy with my job and stuffs, ya'know.
I've 麻木 already, even the night before. I had a sound sleep, unlike the others, rolling left to right on their bed, thinking and praying that everything's gonna be fine tomorrow.

However.... on the actual day.. ALL MY SENSES CAME BACK!
I finally felt kan cheong and my hands are sweating like mad.
I reached school pretty late, at around 11.25am , and beforehand, Nicole gave me a call and telling me I got straight As' for my SPM.
I was like, "WHUUUUUTTT?"  "You lie one la Nicole, how come you know my result geh?"
"I know you want me to come faster , I'm on my way now but no need to joke like this gah.."
That's what I said. And she gone speechless, as usual. LOL *Sorry Nicole, gik chen lei~*



It's very happy to see everyone's cheering for me, and immediately called mom for the good news!!

And as well, met with teachers and old-friends , lepak and "hea" at the canteen and the toilet too XD
Also, went to Ipoh Parade, talked alot bout our "想当年" lol.

SEE! XD Today is indeed my most happiest day afterall, I didn't let everyone dissapointed, but hereby I wanted to thank everyone who helped and gave me support in this end of my high school journey.
Net chapter would be : My University Life.